"While the album’s nods to delta-swamp and bluegrass give us a sense of where he’s been, Beutel’s harmonica and country/folk themes take us closer to where he is and where he’s going with a new sound he calls Americana Blues.”
-Olivia Weitz, Northwest Hall of Radio History
"Even more so than his work in other bands, Beutel's solo work values the classicism of country and bluegrass form. His songwriting is ragged and humble, covering well-worn subjects and winking acknowledgments of the tropes of the genre (mentions of dusty trails, beer and good ol' boys are aplenty)." -Reverend Adam McKinney, Tacoma Weekly Volcano, 9/16/2014
"Forest doesn't sing.  He growls.  He barks.  He hollers and he sighs.  And at times, he chuckles.  Usually at himself.  All this and more you can hear on his raw debut solo album, If You Label Me, You Negate Me. But to get the full impact of his music, one must experience his live show"
-Liam Tully, 2015

"Tacoma musician Forest Beutel is a rough looking dude. Many peoples' first impression of him is that he seems like he can beat the shit out of anyone at whatever bar they might have met him at. And he probably can. But anyone who's ever played with him will tell you that he's a big softy with an artist's heart. Beutel is a fixture of Tacoma's bluegrass scene, playing banjo for both Barleywine Revue and punkgrass outfit The Rusty Cleavers. And in September 2014 he released If You Label Me, You Negate Me, his first solo album."
-Kevin Knodell, Weekly Volcano